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So it's been snowing all day here. Which I enjoy because snow=Major Win. Winter is my favorite season. I'm thinking about doing my Christmas shopping online, because I don't feel like moving from my keyboard. But are you almost ready for xmas? (See wut I did thar? I removed Christ from Christmas, lolwut) I could careless about gifts. I enjoy spending time with family on xmas. Also xmas feast=Major Win.

You like snow and winter, but don't want to away from the keyboard? How come?

I'm also looking forward to Christmas, which means some days off work for me.

I don't have a problem getting to and from, walking in the winter. The cold doesn't bother me. I would rather have a -40 day over a 40c any day.

You're the opposite of me then. I love summer. I rather have 40cthan -40.
But if you like the cold, you live in the right place I guess.

If you should travel Japan, I recommend winter. It isn't really cold there for Canadian standards, but summer can get f***ing hot.

Well, we all know where I live, it's very hot as well. A tropical paradise, I should say. Well, anyway, I like the cold winter too, but I would not mind to travel to a country by the Mediterranean ocean any day and relax under the sun.