Simpsonize yourself!

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Upload a photo and get a "Simpsons" version of yourself.
Then post your pic here!

I'll start:

I got an error each time.. too much hair I guess.

Maybe it's a stupid question, but did you make sure your photo had a resolution over 640x480? If not that might be the cause for the errors.
If not, it MUST be the hair. I think you'd make a hilarious Simpsons character.

Well, the pic is 724 x 579, I think it is the hair. 2/3 of my face is obscured.

That's too much hair for any software to process.

I tried it, but each time it came out with something that looked nothing like me.

I got pretty much the same result when I did it. In fact, all of the ones I've seen look nothing like the uploaded photo.

You could still post it for us to see.
I know that it won't resemble the original in most cases. But it's fun.
(And that Burger King King's face is creepy...)

I'd try it, but I just I'd come out looking like the Comic Book Guy.

Hey! The Comic Book Guy kicks ass!

Yeah, just do it.
You too, Chris.

Sorry, I was a little late...