I graduated from Munich University

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Finally I graduated from university after long years...

I now got the title M.A. (Magister Artium) in Japanese Studies, Sinology and Theoretic Linguistics.

On the photo you can see me in the middle with the dean of the faculty in traditional clothing on the right side.

Congratulations Manuel! Now go make the big bucks!

Congratulations from me as well. You really earned it with your knowledge.

Best of luck further in life.

Sweet! You always mentioned how you were working on a paper or writing up reports. Looks like it finally paid off

Thanks guys.



Man, what field are you going into? How many years, exactly?

Nice job man, you have more resolve than me.

I went to school 13 years, then I studied in Munich University for 6 years, with a one year study abroad in Fukuoka, Japan. So in total I went to school for 20 years.

If possible I want to find a job as translator, maybe even in the gaming industry. We'll see what jobs the market has to offer.

If that DOES happen, and I see your name in the credits after I read an ending that says "CONGRADURATION," I will hunt you down.... and shake your hand for remaining old-school ; )

That would be cool if I had my name in the ending credits of a game.


Yeah, just like the ending for "Ghostbusters" for the NES, right?

That won't happen with manuel.


A winner is you! Did you not have to wear the cheese board and cape then? That's a shame.

Unfortunately we didn't get any capes. Would have been cool, though.