NES adventures at college

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Hey all. I've been gone for a while, seems like thats a whole forum thing, but figured I'd post up about something. So here goes.

So I was up at Michigan Tech this last year, and I decided to bring all my NES Games. Its amazing how many people up at college that bring their NES systems and such, but like another thread mentioned, never touch 'em. Still, I did meet a bunch of cool people, and even got through River City Ransom with one 'em. They did have a bit of an NES scene with their student activities, but they were all run by the Intercollegiate Christian Fellowship, and I'm just kinda stoic against supporting them.

If anyone knows anything about Michigan Tech, it's a drinking school. Its not a party school, even though there are a bunch of parties, but honestly the issue is the lack of women make it less about finding a woman and more about just getting plain fit shaced. Dorms are mostly "alcohol free", so you sorta need to go under the radar with that stuff. I was introduced to drinking up at college, and pretty much learned all about what was out there (so far as liquor, as I'm not a huge fan of wine and beer...yech): Tequila, rum, vodka, gin, Jack Daniels, I tried pretty much everything at some point.

Anyhow, it was a night near the end of the year, and me and some buddies were quite plastered, I myself on a mix of Green Apple Pucker, vodka, and lemonade. And I don't mean that in a "hey, look how cool I am" way, I mean it that for the rest of the story you should know, I was just plain fucked up. Anyhow, we were chilling in my dorm room playing some NES, probably Super Mario Bros. Etiquitte at that point was after we drank we'd open our door, because everyone comes by talking about their night, what they got plastered on, good stories, etc. Anyhow, RA comes into my room and hangs out for two hours pretty much going game by game asking me questions about them and other games, and for two hours I've gotta play the sober ticket as best I can.

Left foot down. Stabilize. Enunciate. Try to not talk with a slur. Hold your head up. Do I or don't I have that game? No, I don't have the POWer glove. Sure, I'll play ya at Ice Hockey. That game, it sucked, not even worth playing. Try doing that for 2 hours, because that night was a blur and I can't think of anymore specific examples. Doing anything on a functional level is hard enough where I was, but pulling sober for 2 hours? That was tough. Long story short though, I pulled it. Five drunk kids, questions on over 300 NES Games and no MIP. Good times.