I feel bad...

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OK, so last night I took a walk with two friends down a street. In front of us we saw three cats together. Naturally, we had to check what was going on, and there it was...

The cats ran away as soon as we came, and they revealed a baby bird, which had probably fell out of its nest and hit the street. The cats had toyed with it, leaving it with scars and blood. It was still alive!

What do you do in that situation? I'm not a veterinarian, but of course something tells me that I'm not supposed to just leave it there. I thought that the only humane thing to do was to kill it, so I grabbed a rock and finished it as quick as possible.

Yet, I feel bad. I may sound like a sissy now, but you just have to forgive me for that. Was that action I took the right one?

Well, two things could have happened. It could have lived (through any means you can think of), or it could have died a slow horrible death. I personally would have let it live, unless you KNEW it wasn't going to make it.

That's exactly what I was afraid of, that it would die a slow horrible death. Man, I'm telling you that if you had seen it, you would have known it wouldn't have been able to make it.

Personally, if it wasn't a scavenger like a crow, seagull or pigeon, I would take it home and nurse it back to flying health.. I've done it before on robins and other small songbirds that fly into my picture window or i find that have been hurt for other means. This goes with any animal really, it's rewarding to save the life of a wild thing.

I don't know the circumstances, but I can't say I agree with what you did, unless it had hard visible signs that it wouldn't survive on its own.. for a small bird this could mean inability to fly.. larger birds of prey would have it taken care of quickly.

Probability is it will bring fortune to other species depending on the area, I know how you feel because I've had to do things like that before too.

Don't worry about it too much.

It was unable to move, so I assume the wings were broken. I thought I had to act fast in order to stop it from suffering.

...i would have not known what to do....

thats why i stay inside.. and play super Metroid...