I'm pissed off...

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Today's the day of the written examination of the master's degree in my university.
I could choose between writing an essay and a translation. As I want to work as a translator later I naturally chose a translation and told my professor so.
Today I open the envelope with the test documents and I got an essay topic. On top of that I didn't even prepare for that topic yet. Why should I have? I chose a damn f***ing translation.
So I stopped the test and now my prof must affirm to the doctoral board that he made a mistake. Of course he can't be reached now, as it's Saturday and he's not in his office and the guys at the board don't even know his private phone number.
Now I have to find a date on which both of us have time (4 hours) to take that test.
Oh man I'm so angry right now...

Why does that always happen to me??

It can happen to us all. I understand your frustration, but you should not fear a thing. You have the right to drop that essay and wait for the translation exam to come.

I know... it's just that this messes up all my plans. I still have 3 oral exams in the next weeks which I have to prepare for.
Bad thing is it always takes me 4 hours (single way) from here to get to Munich where the university is.

Ah well.. worse things could have happened.At least you didn't get eaten by a cannibal.

Well that would have the straw to brake the camel's neck.

Actually it was worse... I'll post the whole story beginning yesterday later.