Should They Bring Back Knight Rider?

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Sadly I wasn't live during the Knight Rider era, but I have all the episodes on my computer, I must say I really enjoy this show. I wish I had a car like KITT, heck any car right now would be fine. Anyways if they do bring it back who should play Michael Knight? David Hasselhoff? I personally wouldn't mind seeing a return of the hoff, he may be old but he can still pull it off.

The old Knight Rider is a classic and shouldn't be touched again.
That's only my opinion , though.

I like the old episodes.
We'd always watch them together and then "replay" them outside. We'd talk into our wristwatches and say "Kitt, I need you" and stuff like that.
Good old times.
I need to watch it in the English original dub some time. I only know it in German so far.

Good show, but The Hoff is getting too old...

I think it's best to leave it as the classic that it is.

Yes, but only if Hoff is really drunk and eating a cheeseburger in Kitt each episode.

I don't think Kitt would like it if somebody ate cheeseburgers inside.

I'm going to have to go with the general opinions here and say no, the show is fine the way it is, there's just too many of these 'comebacks' nowadays, and people who have never seen the original shows get it in their heads that the movie is exactly how the original show was (see: nightmares like the movie of Dukes Of Hazzard & Charlie's Angels, I could go on).
Same deal goes for the A-Team, because I'm sure eventually someone will get it in their heads to make a movie out of it.

I just hate it when they have to make a remake out of everything. Can you belive the made a new version of "The Shining"? Nothing can replace the classics.