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I was just wondering, about the term "Grindhouse movies" or "Exploitation movies".

There's been released a movie called in the U.S.

This movie has been based on old exploitation movies from the 60's and the 70's. Here's a video that will explain it to you all, and it's made by The Angry Video Game Nerd:

Can anyone tell me if they've heard of these kind of movies before? It's supposed to be a tradition in the United States, I've heard.

Are there anyone here who are going to see it?

I've heard of the term before, (as you kind of mentioned) I know they were popular in the 1960's/70's. There's an article on wikipedia about exploitation films but it's not too good.
I'll probably give seeing the film a miss, i'm not as fussed as I used to be on the works of Tarantino and the other film doesn't sweeten the deal so to say. I may watch them on DVD though. Not only that, cinema prices as expensive etc.

I haven't heard of the term before, but I guess I've seen some movies belonging to this genre, like the old Italian zombie and cannibal movies that were produced so cheaply it wasn't even funny any more.