Real life Frogger game

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This is awesome, some guys from Make Magazine modded a Roomba vacuum robot so that it's bluetooth enabled and controllable from a laptop. They then dressed it up like a frog, and drove it back and forth across 40 total lanes of traffic until its finally smashed by a Forerunner.

I sure as hell wouldn't get caught doing it, but I'd love to watch a game.

40 lanes!?!

Well, 40 TOTAL lanes. It was like a 6 lane highway, and they made it across several times.

Damn, I wish they had made a video...

yea a video would of been cool.

Yea when they make one that runs on radio frequency they have GOT to remember a video camera.

That's pretty cool. Although;

sounds even cooler.

That is the coolest thing I've seen all day!

(Granted, I've only been up for 15 minutes but I know nothing will top that!)

oh ok, that's what i was thinking, but wasn't too sure. they need to make another one and get a video this time!