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I just got back from a solo snowmobile ride, took my camera along with me

Hmm.. can my beater make it up this?


I kept going for a while, but it was just flat, lameness

Nice pics! Those fire breaks between mountains are one of the best places to ride, except for all the damn POWer lines . What kind of snowmobile you got?

Sweet! I wish I had a snowmobile . I'll be getting one sooner or later.

I heard prices on snowmobiles were going down, due to the increased sales of ATV's. Maybe I'll get one sooner than later

Is that a white Tundra? Tundra II? If so, that's awesome. The first snowmobile I ever drove was a white Tundra II.

nice! i wish i had a snowmobile, but that would be pretty much pointless, it never snows in Florida . i'll probly get a 4 wheeler in the next few years. i used to have a 3 wheeler, but the clutch messed up and we sold it or something. i had some fun times on that thing.

Just a Tundra LT 1991. Best machine ever for deep snow. Yeah, tiny engine, but it goes 50MPH with just me on it Looking for some more deals currently..

Naw man, a Tundra's all you need.

It's been all gay and warm, and it RAINED last night. SO the lake's been a littly weird, I duct taped the camera to my wrist and went for a ride..

When my fingers stretch out about 3/4 into the video, my machine had almost flipped over because I was driving with one hand the whole time

Please let me know what you think

i think 13.7 MB is too damn big!!!

i think 13.7 MB is too damn big!!!
I uploaded it to google, should be up in a few days

I watched it, and it was pretty awesome except for the fact that your knuckles were in it the whole time . What the hell did you run over at the end there? It looked like a freakin coral reef of rock.

It was the bank of the highway tha comes up from the lake, heh. I wouldn't risk taping the $300 picture camera to my helmet where I couldn't see if it was holding up ok

This is what it looks like in spring, took a three hour walk, started raing after this photo when I was at the farthest point from home, dropped to 0, my hands fell off and it was basically alot more trouble then it was worth