who wants to critque my report on DOOM?

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PM me and i'll email you the .txt file. i just need someone to read it and let me know of any typos, and stuff like that.

Why the christ can't you just post it here? I wanna read it.

uhh... it has to be atleast 5 pages. that's quite a bit to post....

EDIT: i sent it to your hotmail address....

Hey, I'd like to check it out. You know, if it's just a .txt file it's probably small enough to host on NES Life. I don't think that will eat up too much bandwidth

hahah.... ok Roth. after i fix all the typos, that OGTL pointed out i'll put it up on NES Life

Just to let you know, I was halfway through, so what you see are only half of them. Might wanna gets someone to do a better check. My refresh rate sucks

I'd like to read it as well..... Let us know when you post it or send it to me via e-mail

I'd like to read that, too.
You wrote it's a report? For what subject?

I'd like to read that, too.
You wrote it's a report? For what subject?

Networking. the teacher said our report could be on anything computer related

i got it uploaded, and for some reason the .txt isn't word wrapped, so you can either view source the page, or copy the page and put it in notepad with word wrap on....

You know, you COULD always install r check.

you know, i probably COULD.....

PM with some of my corrections sent.

the teacher told me my grade today. i got a 94 on that report. thanks for all the help guys

Tomorrow there's something going in the mail that is somewhat related to this thread

what do you mean?

well, basically i fixed the spelling, and read through it, rewrote some stuff