Oh my god guyz, it's my burfday!

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Yay! Today was my birthday! I got the iPod Mini, which was for my birthday, ALF Season One

Today your birthday? Wellllll HAPPY B-DAY!!!

What you gonna buy with the $$$?

His going to buy own3d.com LOL!!!! OMG!11!!!11


Anyway, happy birthday.
I believe about four of us (me, you, yangus? and andrewg) have a birthday in february. Sweet.

happy birthday d00d

Happy birthday! I'm sure OMFG soon will say exactly this sentence: "You were born? Nice job!"

Happy Burfday!

Have a Great Birthday.

Thanks guys!

What you gonna buy with the $$$?
Stop correcting me damnit

I have about $100 now, I'm either going to get a 100GB external hard drive, or alot of DVD's and CD's and things.

Happy Burfday!

Happy B1r7|-|d4'/ d00d!!

I don't even have to post in this thread now. But I am anyway, because I'm just that kind of guy.
You were born? Nice job!

Happy B-day man.

happy birthday.

happy birthda!!!!!!!!!!


cool, day after mine

Happy belated Birthday dude

hey you just got the 10,000th post!