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The PSP is a hunk of junk. I sold it right after I bought it.

The library of games are horrible, UMD is just hilarious, I played SNES Games on it. I never bought a game because non appealed to me.

The NES is a great system. It will always hold a memory in my head.

The First Step is an awesome with great lyrics. Keeping the PMA (positive mental attitude) in hard core.

This is the Internet. Don't take it too seriously. Go outside and play. Pale skin is only sexy if your "Goth". It's Message board, speak your mind.

I'm outa here. I have reality to attend. I don't have time for Internet peeps thinking they have authority. Get a head check, this is a forum.

P. S.

I hope you guys find another female to post on a message board about nintendo games. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

You know, that's something I'm sick of... "It's only the internet, lol!" If it's only the internet, then why the hell do you partake in it in the first place? I suppose all the friends you've made over the internet just... aren't real? "It's only the internet" is a Contradiction in itself, ESPECIALLY when said on the internet.

The Internet wasn't originally meant for random people to converse and have a good time together. It was originally built for more of your "higher ranking" officials... or whatever you want to say. The fact that WE can use the internet is nice. I like the people that I meet on the internet (most of the time), and I'm sure everyone else here does too.

With having said that, if you're going to whine about that week banning you got and not post anymore... fine. But when you start saying "It's only the internet," you're putting down ANY friend that you ever made on the internet. Keep that in mind... the internet is real, and what you say DOES matter to the people that you meet on it.

Didn't you leave already?

No offense, but from what I've seen of you, you've seemed pretty level headed, and this is a pretty childish reason for leaving... everyone gets pissed when they get punished by a mod. It sucks, and no one ever feels that they deserved it. But if you really feel that you were maligned, the way to redeem yourself is by your actions the fact.

You see, you're a decent guy, but once this spat started you started acting immaturely, largely because you were pissed to the extreme... and still are, apparently.

The way to handle something like this is to roll with the punches. It's a given that you feel maligned. If you swallow your pride and act calmly, and accept the punishment, that is a great characteristic, and would earn you great respect. Dealing with the punishment is not an admittance of guilt, or, at least, that's how I see it. I've always felt it was an "agree to disagree"situation.

However, lashing out angrily and childishly will directly cause people to assume that you were in the wrong. (Whether or not it's true; after all, the only people who know of the details are you and the mods)

Ending on a softer note, this whole thing seems to have escalated simply because of anger and a bruised ego, not necessarily because of any personality flaws. This thing happens, and none of us are exempt from mistakes. I still think you're a decent guy, and if you ever can patch this up, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing you here again.

Roth is right.
Dou you mean you can do what you want on the internet? Is there anarchy ruling on the internet?
We're a community here. All of us are here because we share a hobby.
A community can't be there without rules. And people have to stick to rules, because it's a form of respect you pay your fellow forums members.

If you think so badly about the internet and/or forums anyway, I think nobody minds if you don't come back. But if you have character and decide to show respect to other people, you're always welcome.

I don't know everything about it...

Looks like he hasn't straightened up, I'm putting another ban in effect, and it's not being lifted until he can contact me maturely. There are numerous ways to contact me listed on the forums, which he'll still be able to browse as a guest. but until he can grow the hell up, he's not welcome here.

What a douche. Pardon my French.

So lets put it this way toubabokoomi is toubokoomi once more. And what did he really do to get banned in the first place?

As said before, he wrote a thread, just trying to get a little "revenge" on NES-Luke for banning him for a week. He was banned because he always wrote a subject and layed it out in the wrong forum, on purpose, just to be an annoyance. Nothing big, only alot of work for the moderators who has to put it all in the right place. I don't see why he did it though, that you have to ask him about...