How often do you lose your temper?

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How often do you lose your temper? I've always been able to keep my cool but i've been taking some medication for the past few months and sometimes i get really angry and i feel like i want to break things.

I used to be calm as calm could be. I didn't lose my temper but ever since I caught my ex and a 16 year old girl in a "comprimising position" I've been an angry, tempermental person since.

I've been getting better (not much). I'd say I fly off my handle about 2 times a week. How pissed I get depends on how much I'm baited. Now if I'm yelling at you, don't say "You need a hug", because I'm just going to get more pissed and yell at you more.

A smart person would just leave the room and let me throw my hissy fit. I have yet to meet a smart person.

I'm calm most of the time.
But when I should loose my temper I want to break and smash things. But that doesn't happen very often.

It depends. My brother can drive me out of my gourd, and sometimes someone will be a jackass on the road. I never really "lose" my temper, I just get really, really pissed.

Whenever I actually do lose my temper, it always ends badly, since I'm anything but tough, and punching someone does not bode well for me.

Every single morning when my mom freaking wakes me up at 8:20. I usually smash things.

Various things can get me going, but I only get mad is when I am intensly gaming. I will do anything from swearing to punching walls/floors/controllers/even other people.

I think it shows just how passionate about videogames I am, but people usually think other than that .

I've only damaged a controller once. Now, don't laugh...

It was on Jak II.

I was only playing it because my brother was stuck and had been ranting and raging for an hour. Little did I know that his rage was justified.

you wake up at 8:20!!!!!!? lucky bastard, i have to have wake up at 6:10 for school

but back on topic....

it's usually pretty hard to get me going. someone has to really piss me off for me to lose my temper. so far there are only 2 people i know that could get me going. that's my mom, and my exgirlfriend. both are complete idiots. my mom, is a total bitch all the time, and if you get an "attitude" with her, she's goes all 'sweet and innocent' and says "calm down, why are you getting an attitude with me?". that's one thing that gets me going. and my exgirlfriend.... god. she would always do something that she knows gets on my nerves, and then when i'd get pissed she'd pull the whole "quit yelling at me, you're such an asshole WAAAAHHH .

I very rarely lose my temper. I'm too lazy to do so.

you wake up at 8:20!!!!!!? lucky bastard, i have to have wake up at 6:10 for school

I have to wake up at 4:00am for the next two weeks . For Tech School in Sioux City.

I don't go to bed till 1-2am so this might suck a little .

I usually have to get up at 7am. And that is still WAY too early for me.

I used to work the night shift 3pm-11pm and that was awesome!

I lose my temper when I play games.

Name any console, and I probably broke a controller for it. hahahah
(especially the NES ones)

I use to all the time, but I'm a lot better, and don't take things to seriously (things that aren't "big")

Well, Takes alot to get me going. Mostly what ticks me off is hypocrites and people who want to always start an argument when you just say "I dont wanna argue and thats that!" Then they go "I KNOW BUT.." MAKES ME MAD!!!. But I have to try really hard to control my temper. When im raging mad I dont even touch my games in fear id break the controller.

what's funny is they win by doing that

what's funny is they win by doing that