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Being the insanely busy person I am. I had a bunch of spare computer parts and a buttload of spare wood. So I did what anyone with too much free would do. I built a computer case COMPLETELY out of wood.. Well cept for the plexiglass... Check it out.. This is a PacMan themed computer to go into my garage.

To show you it runs...

Here is the sideview opened

Again but shut.. I haven't taken the protective film off the plexi yet.

The POWer button.. I snatched it from a old help button at work

Tape outline for the paint job

First coat of yellow.. Few more coats and 6 coats of polyurethane and it'll be ready to pull the tape.

Still much more to do... Will post as it comes further along.

That... is badass.

Thanks!! I have to say this has been weeks in the making.. I had no idea how much cutting, filing, measuring, nailing and gluing this project was going to take. I'm not usually one to brag, but I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at building a computer case from wood. My poor dremel and jigsaw are going to need a vacation.

that's pretty sweet, i would of never thought about making a case out of wood. by the way, you might want to add an extra fan or 2

Already taken care of. I had the fan mounted before I even mounted the motherboard. Since it's only a pentium II heat isn't going to be much of a problem.

The specs
Pentium II 300MHz
256 MB RAM
30 GB and a 300MB HD
64 MB AGP Matrox video card

Nothing spectacular about the hardware, but I just wanted it for a toy for my garage.

it's certainly good enough to put a couple of emulators on.

Yeah, ZSNES and VBoy and Nesticle run just fine on it. I was wanting it more to replace my beat to crap boombox though. Plus the ability to do research on the net without leaving the garage is a huge help to me.

I took a look at your collection of games. Damn nice collection you got going!!! How long you've been at that?

i'm not sure exactly. maybe 3 years?

Ahh I kick myself everytime I think about all the games and systems I used to have but sold.. (Kicks self in the behind)

The paint job is coming along great, now for the polyurethane to seal it in for good

PacMan rules! 14thpatriot is doing murals of him in his garage and now you made an awesome computer case of him

Same person . I made the computer to match my garage.

Wow I cant belive I did that .

LOL!! It's cool!