See you later.

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This isn't I am living and not coming back thread. But a thread about me living and coming back! I am living soon. Which means no posting for awhile. There is Internet on the Cruise ship....but it costs 50 cents American!! There is WI-FI so I might play some AC:WW when my grandparents are over at the casino. Alright I wanted to say Good Bye and this is what I am doing:

Yours Truly,

airfiggy fellow member.

You mean you are dead at the moment?

Have a good one.

Bon voyajee.

see Ya lator!

Have a Great Trip

Wait until you start living bro, you're gonna love it!


Take care, Enjoy the trip.

See you next fall.

man, i can't beve you're living!!! that's crazy!!

anyways, have a good trip, man.

See ya! If things start to get boring, imagine us poor folk stuck behind school/work desks all day