Well, time to spill the beans...

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I have a good friend of mine who posts on this message board, but we've remained anonymous for the entire time that we've been posting...

ZEN is one of my best friends that I've ever met. He has stuck by me on every decision I've ever made (right OR wrong), and is definitlely the coolest person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Yup... ZEN is my best friend, and we've known each other since we were about, what?... five? I really don't know for sure, but it's something like that. I've just grown tired of hiding and playing possum with everyone about the fact, as I'm sure you have bro... even though it's been a blast

Dude, it's late, put down the weed and get some sleep.
You serious?
Tell more.

That's nice.

But... why hiding it in the first place?

You got me a bit confused here.

Bah! I guess that was a bad use of words... not really hiding, but it was fun to act like we didn't know each other since we have different views on some gaming aspects, but similar on others No other good reasoning.


Am I really reading this?!?!

Nah, did I just smoke myself retarded last night?!?!?




Okay, cool. But seriously, what's the big? People get their friends to join forums... I've known atariboy for ever.

Now if only he would post outside of school...


this Calls for Brownies!

I second that.

(I had a VERY bad experience with brownies.... I will never eat them again.)

How about cake? I can eat that!

How about brownies?

Hash Brownies?

yeah, that's old news

ARH!!! I hate special brownies.... they are the reason I hate brownies and now I can never eat them again! (Sadly I used to LOVE brownies)

I will admit it was my own stupidity eating half a sheet of the special ones, I didn't factor in that it takes time for them to work. So I just kept eating them one after another wondering why they weren't working.

I basically laid in bed for two days, not moving, I couldn't open my eyes. It SUCKED.

i doubt that was because of the brownies, might of been from a little bit too much of something else

Wow, we kept that hidden for over a year. It's not like it was really trying to fool anyone, although a few times we like to team up on someone who makes a comment that disagrees with both of us.
There's also a few jokes we like to throw around that only me and Roth know. You'll see them if you look around (ex: Astronaut Forest, "Nem Eester Bun E", Narb!).
Hey Roth... " means.)

Of course most people on the former NES channel boards knew about it. I didn't last very long there though (damn you Long Wang Hung!!!).

It's good to have someone like Roth as a friend. In fact, I suggest all of you try to be his friend too. It pays off to be so close to someone who has so much knowledge and understanding about things. He is someone you can "learn" from for sure.
(And he owns lots of games! )

Okay, so when will it be time to "spill the beans" about ZombieHunterX?

EDIT: I also like "brownies".

Okay, so when will it be time to "spill the beans" about ZombieHunterX?

Huh!? Now what? I wish he wouldn't have left

This is nice and all, but it would have been way cooler if you had revealed that you were both the same person, Fight Club style. Now would be a plot twist!

Question is, which personality would beat up which personality, ala Fight Club?

sorry ZEN, but i'm gonna have to say Roth would win that one

I guess there's only one way to find out.


Roth and ZEN, fight it out, tape it and let us know where to download.

I haven't seen Fight Club yet. What a shame...

I'm afraid Z.E.N's awesoime ninja skillz would take Roth.

Yes, ZEN has ninja skilz, but Roth is obsessed with ninjas, and knows their weaknesses.

thats awesome!

hahaha nice one manuel!

This thread rules.