Having some trouble with streaming..

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Firefox doesn't seem to want to play videos on the interent. I have to manually download to watch. I re-installed WMP 10, and restarted, nothing. Just says "Done" at bottom, and doesn't play any video. Pressing "play" doesn't work, either..

there's this awesome broswer called Internet Explorer, not too many people seem to know what it is. it's way better than FireFox. you should check it out sometime

Hah, yeah right.
My IE won't even open anymore.

Hell yes, I Internet Destroyer.

I had to quit using IE. I got some shitty spyware that won't leave my computer and I'd always get those annoying pop-ups. My firewall won't let them load; but it's still annoying as all hell to click "NO" when it asks if I want to go to the pop-up pages.

Firefox is my friend.

It goes like this: Streaming video will work in Firefox only if the author of the website coded it properly. In IE, you don't really have to follow standards and hence some stuff works in IE but not in Firefox.

At least, that's my understanding. I use Firefox and have been since the beta days. I like it much better than IE.

Yeah, but these videos were working before I had to ship it off to get the god damned BIOS password wiped, now NOTHING at all works.

Your BIOS has nothing to do with your Windows software not working properly. Not in this case, anyway.

Yeah I know. I was stating that things worked fine before, and now they do not. It's not a issue with the websites.

Right. That's a strange one then. It must be from using different versions of the same software as before. Perhaps a recent update actually broke something.

i don't know why everyone complains about IE so much. i've always used it and i've never had any problems with it.

In the range of 2 years to 8 months ago it was terrible for spyware. I would pick up at least 100 times as many infected objects using IE than Firefox in that time period. I eventually switched to using Firefox exclusively. Apparently IE isn't so bad anymore, but I'm happy with Firefox and have no desire to switch back.

With the plug-ins and such, I would never go back. I started using firefox when Luke suggested I should because I couldn't see a Image or something, and I am disgusted with Internet Explorer.
I'm thinking of doing a format soon, anyway.

Maybe the place you took it to to get fixed purposely screwed it up so you would bring it back to get fixed again and then they would get more $$.

Yeah, they're assholes.
I get this when I right click adn select "error details".

How about re-installing your video codecs? I know that happened to my computer once for no reason.

Oh, that error isn't Firefox related.

I agree about plugins. I use the SA LastRead plugin and it's awesome.

Well, I just reformatted my PC, and everything works fine. I cleared up about 10 GB, even though all the files I Used are back on here again..

I think you owe Firefox an apology for doubting her. Even if it was only for a second.

Yeah, I'm ashamed. I am going to Un-install IE so She knows she's the only one.

Haha, good luck.

I just delete every instance of a link to it so people using my computer won't be able to find it.

You can always launch it from 'Run' in the Start Menu by typing 'iexplore' though.