Do you like your neighbors?

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Do you like your neighbors or do you hate them?

My aunt and uncle live next door, and on the other side is a dude that plows our driveway, so we get along just fine.

the house to the right of mine is lived in by peopel that are never home. the house to the left of me is someones 'summer home' or whatever, they come here for a month once or twice a year. the people next to them, are never home, and the house next to that is empty. so basically, we get along

dont know either of them, the ones on the sides that is... people always move in and out of the houses around me. the guy across my street is pretty cool though.

I HATE mine neighbors. I live in an apt. building with walls I swear are as thin as paper.
Here's a list of why I hate each and every one of them...

When they walk I swear they are going to come through the ceiling.

My door is by the stairs, and when the jerks run down the stairs it sounds like someone is pounding on that wall. Things vibrate and sometimes fall off surfaces.

He's as boring as watching paint dry and he always tries to catch me when I have a cig (even though I quit years ago sometimes I just have to have ONE) and tries to invade my space. He also hits on me which only adds to my annoyance.

They complain about my kitties

All other people in the building (18 total apt.): They cook nasty smelling food and it permiates into the hallways. It honestly smells like they are cooking dirty diapers or boiling garbage. You know it's bad when the landlord places those air freshners in spots all over the buliding.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect tenent. But the only thing I do that is bothersome is when I throw a shit fit and start getting very verbal. Otherwise I'm an angel...

Not talking. I will never again talk about stupid people. That is one promise I intend to keep.

My neighbor's , though... Jesus tapdancing Christ.

I live in student halls. There are ten of us, each with our own bedroom and we share a kitchen and two bathrooms.
I can tolerate three of them. The others are loud, uncouth, rude and some are even racist. So, generally, no. But i'm moving into a house with two friends this august, so I don't have to tolerate it much longer.

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I'm not alone! Merriment and Rejoicing!

My neighbor is a real bitch she called the cops on us once because she said we were making to much noise so my dad ran over her mailbox with his truck and the worst part is she's my Aunt my dad's sister.

Im in an apartment as well. My neighbor behind me is really cool! An old lady who comes out and has a cig with a beer my upstairs neighbors..... The other two I never see or hear .

I'm in almost the oposite position. the people below me get all bitchy when I make a sound, they seem to not appreciate the fact that their ceiling is my floor, therefore they kinda have to deal with SOME noise. Which is not to say I'm noisy, I'm nearly silent when I walk. but my beef with them is when they pound on their ceiling in anger, and come up here and yell at me, and then continue to bash around down there, and the next morning at SIX o' FREAKIN'-CLOCK they SMASH, and POUND things enough to wake me up... basically they're intolerant hypocritial whiners.

hey Luke, stomp around at 3 in the morning. see how they like that

I just got neighbors. I believe it's a small family. I've yet to hear them. I am on the top floor so I am not bothered by any footsteps above. My neighbors below are a couple and a small child. It's rather quiet being that I'm on the corner and on the 3rd floor. Life is good so far.

I have some cool neighbours (1 is from Holland) and others I'd like to see dea... somewhere else.

Well at one time everyone who lived in my circle was friends with eachother and all that crap. We would have the best parties in the middle of it and everyone would have fun... then the decline began. As of right now I only talk to about half of them and are actual "friends" with only 4 out of a total of 16.

well at my old house, i had the best Neighbors, you know oold people, to get money from by mowing there lawns and stuff, and then one of them moved, a new family moved in, and had three kids, they were all from Hell as my mom called them Neighbors From Hell, they were worse than my friend eric, and hes pretty, bad,
they got into our Garage, and took all of our sporting things out, (they were in a box) and put the box in there front yard and played with all of it, right infront of our eyes, What dumb Asses.

I absoloutly hate my neighbour! It's an old lady, and the only thing that's between our house and her house is a bunch of trees. It gives us a sense of privacy. So do you think that we can keep them, no. That old prune had to get some handymens to chop them all down to the ground. She had the right to do it, since the trees were maybe an inch inside of her property. Now she can see almost everything we do. Luckily we got these awesome windows, that we can see through from the inside, but she can't from the outside. So everytime I see her through the window, I show her the finger.

My parents also hate when my aunt and her husband are always watching us from next door so we are going to put up a 6 ft high privacy fence.

I live in the 1st floor of a 2 story duplex. The people that live above us are old family friends, so they're cool. Across the street is a single mom with one kid. This kid is a skateboarder who flat-out refuses to go the 1/2 mile down the road to the skatepark. He drags his 20-30 skate punks to his house, where they proceed to throw trash in our yard, poke and prod our dogs (when they are outside), and obstruct traffic. I take an Ethics class in college. When I get home and see them being a nuisance in the streets I wonder if it would be ethical to run one or two of them over. You know: Utilitarianism-Doing what would cause the greatest amount of pleasure to the greatest amount of people with the least amount of pain.

you can put any verb between "Jesus" and "Christ" and it's instant hilarity.

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Yes. And the same rule applies with putting the phrase "on a, or "in a," after "christ"....

ANYWAY, I live in an old house (circa 1898), that's been split into two portions. The people on the other side of the house are OK, but there were some of those new townhouses put up next door, and they wanted to buy this property from my landlord when they started building so they could put up more. He refused. Ever since then, the tenants there have had a beef with my landlord, and the beef has proceeded to infect my wife and myself. About three times we've got notices from the city inspector, courtesty of these charming people, about such stupid crap as blackberry vines, dripping landlord said "what happened to the good 'ol days when you could just kick the crap out of people like that?" I agreed. Christ in a '58 Cadillac!
*Broken-legged donkey, etc., etc.

i might have to try that "in a", "on a" thing

Yay! The neighbor that hits on me all the time is moving in 2 months!!!! No more hearing his annoying bass playing (for the record I like the bass, just not when the person doesn't know what they are doing) and super annoying surround sound!!!

And I probably won't have to worry about a new neighbor right away either.... it'll be the end of the school year so all the college kids move out of town (so basically until August, it'll be a hard to rent place).