What's the advantage of ipod vs. other mp3 players?

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I don't understand why you would want one of these so called great "ipods" if you can buy mp3 players that store more music? Is it the design?

it's nicer, and more convenient. I have the naono, and it's sweet.

There are MP3 players larger than 60GB? no? then what's your question?

There are MP3 players larger than 60GB? no? then what's your question?

Yea but come on who seriously needs to store 10,000 songs? On my 1GB MP3 player I can have about 150 songs, and I still dont get to hear all of them in a day. I definetely would reccomend buying a cheap $30 MP3 player and then just change the albums on it twice a week or whatever.

they're trendy.

I want a iPod video rather badly, but some dude got podzilla to run on his nano, and was playing videos on it.

The iPod is popular because it has become the standard for mp3 players. I trust apple has a good idea with what they're doing. Does it sound better than the rest? I'm not sure. I have one and it has served me well. I am getting rid of it though because I need $ to buy furniture and decor for my new apartment.

That's pretty much true.
That's not to say I wouldn't like to own one, but I think i'll probably get a cheapish one.

You can store files and songs at the same time

As you can with any other MP3 player.

As you can with any other MP3 player.

Can you store your important 5+ GB Files in an MP3?

iPod Nano= 14 hours of battery life...

which fully charges in hour.

As you can with any other MP3 player.

Can you store your important 5+ GB Files in an MP3?
How in the world can you store files into a audio format?
Did you mean MP3 ? not MP3.
Yes, you can. Just get a Mp3 player that has a 5GB capacity.

But does I-pods have Card slots? My Sanyo MP3 player has SD Card slot.

I use my Archos Jukebox not only as an MP3 but as a portable harddrive. When I'm at my friends and I don't have my flash stick, I just dump whatever I'm downloading onto it.

The only reason I would want an IPod is because they have a pink one.

They don't need one, the hard drive is already huge enough! (mostly).

I bought an mp3 player with 20GB HD recently.
I chose the Archos Gmini 400, because for 199 Euros (a bit cheaper than the ipod with 20GB) it was very cheap. It plays mp3, xvid and divx videos, it has a TV out, battery life is suffucient, I can run a Master System/Gamegear emulator on it and it displays photos in very good quality. Best thing, I need no software (itunes) to copy stuff on it. Just plug it in and it is recognized as a portable hd drive.
And! It has a CF card slot for memory expansion... who needs it? You could throw your pics from digicams on the hd without the need pf a computer... I don't think the ipod can do this, right?

Why do people buy ipods?
I gues because apple is considered "hip" or "cool" and people have the money to. So why shouldn't they buy it if they like the design?

For me, it's the convenience and the battery life. I couldn't care less about being trendy (see: clothes, hair, , and social life)

Here's my opinion on the matter.

The interface is nearly perfect.
It has a very good looking minimalist design.
It's very compact.
It's built well.

Sound quality isn't as good as others like the Jukebox ZEN line.
Battery lifetime isn't all that great and you can't replace the battery yourself without voiding your warranty.
More expensive than other MP3 players.

All in all, I think it's the best MP3 player on the market that I've come across. It's popular for a reason and Apple's marketing campaign is only a small amount of it. The iPod exploded in popularity simply from word of mouth, which is how most truly good things get around.

I think my player is better...