This is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.....

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Let's be sad together for a while, fellow cat friend.

But, you know, somebody (Mrs Allen) cared for the cat, so it isn't that bad maybe.
Much sadder is the fact that thousands of kittens die every day in the world without even being paid attention once.

wow.... that's crazy. i really don't know what to say. i'm shocked

I've seen worse...I remember a website that a friend of mine showed me a couple of years ago, it was pictures of cats that where pressed into small milk bottles from when they're very young. They feed them through the bottles till they get too big for staying in that condition, and then they die....
However I remember that on the web site it was written that if 45 other people I belive saw this web site, it would be closed down.

you were thinking of but that's all a joke. look at the picture of them putting the baby in there

I don't know, I can't see anything like it on those two links...Are you sure you sent the right ones? BTW, I searched for it at google, and I found a link to a website that was similar to the one I saw. I read that the FBI were involved, they did some researching and found out that it was indeed fake.

Ahhh! It's cyclops!!

Wow i've never seen nothing like that.

GRRRRRARARRARRAGH! How could the animal rights people made a big deal out of it! It was a clever, wierd, well-done in-joke, and now the only hosting it can get is on!

And would take it seriously.

Cats in jars, everywhere! Oh, discordia! They demanded that the creators put "THIS IS A JOKE" on their site!

So, they used scare tactics on any site that hosted bonsai kitten, and now it's stuck on And of their moral superiority!


Sorry. of repression behind that...

Furthermore, the joke was that the kittens would make like bansai trees, and wouldn't grow....

What were we talking about? Oh, right. The mutant. Poor thing.

I see, when you put it that way it seems obvious. I never saw fully grown cats, only young kittens, but how can someone come up with that idea? BTW I saw that they sold bonsai kittens as ornaments for the Christmas tree, that was kinda funny. Here's a picture: