Lazy Sunday (Narnia rap) [SNL]

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I just thought in case someone hadn't seen this video yet, here it is.... I just really liked it when I first saw it (a little tired of it now though) and just thought I'd share it among my fellow NES gamers. It's an SNL skit of 2 guys rapping about goin' to the movies to see Narnia.

I saw it on CNN Showbiz tonght; I think a week ago.

I don't understand what the hoopla is about it; it was amusing; but nothing more.

Ha... heh... God, I miss Norm Macdonald. And Colin Quinn. And Tim Meadows. And everyone else who was funny.

Good riddance to Jimmy Fallon, though. Twitchy little creep.

Best skit in a while. It's just funny to me because there is an endless amount of Beastie Boys references.



Okay, the beastie boys , you see what I'm trying to say here.

my friend told me about this at school today.