post everytime you get a new cd

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we got one for games, so why not for music

today i picked up World Demise by Obituary for $6.99 and Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden for $11.99, my burned copy was starting to skip

Awright, for christmas I got Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death, by the Dead Kennedys, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and the Paranoia album by Black Sabbath.

i think i used to have that cd. my favorite DK album has always been Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

I just recently bought the "Some Kind of Monster" album by Metallica.

I've just purchased

Jethro Tull rocks.

i think i used to have that cd. my favorite DK album has always been Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

How could it not be? That was the first one I got!

Wow, I can't believe I got this

Fucking awesome deal, 10 dollars for the Toshiba remaster.
and this

Not as good, but after losing the auction I had been looking at for 4 days, I got desperate.. That guys feedback score scares me though..

The Beatles - Abbey Road

Lucas Prata-Let's Get it On.

Beyonce - Dangerously In Love

Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Toni Presents - Flash
(It's got Billie Jean; how cool is that?!?!)

today i picked up Obituary's Slowly We Rot, $7.99 at Sesame Street: ABCD's. i like their other cd i have better, World Demise. of course i've only listened to 3 songs off of Slowly We Rot, it'll more than likely grow on me the more i listen to it

Yes, Close to the Edge Remaster with bonus tracks, Rhino.

Nope, It wasn't tha cheap.

Nice bootleg CD, Tales from Topographic Oceans tour, recorded in the audience by some guy with a tape deck in 1973. MSG NYC.

Free, but I have to make 3 copies and send them around to other guys on to pay my debt.

Stone Temple Pilots - 12 Gracious Melodies: $6.99, it's got some really good songs, and some really not so good songs . but over all it's a decent album


The three originals

Now I have the 5 essential Tull albums.


From teh germany.

Second purchase of Tales, my Atlantic one can collect dust now.

mmm, sandwich...

thanks OGTL, now i to make a sammich!

A TRIPLE POST!!!!!! Nicely executed OGTL!

That sandwich does look mighty tasty! I think a CPB&J sounds better right now though

i didn't really get any new cds, but i downloaded 2 earlier today

Incubus - Morning View
Scorpion - Very Best of

Got the remastered Songs From The Wood CD today. Two bonus tracks on it, Beltane (one of my faves) and Velvet Green Live.

Man, I should Hook you up with this DVD I have, newb. It's from the SFTW tour 1977, good quality and like 6 tracks from SFTW and many others, it's freely traded bootleg, recorded for television from the hippodrome in london.


today at Wal-Mart i picked up:

Lynard Skynard - Expanded Versions (or something like that) for $5.88. i got all excited to be dissappointed. i didn't realize til i opened it that it's live. it's got some good songs on it, but it's that new singer guy, so it sounds shitty, especially live. i only like live if i'm at the actual concert. plus it sounds WAY too country. good thing i only paid $5.88 for it

It's Lyrnrd Skyrnd, n00b.
And live recordings rock, but I can understand the dislike of Ol Johnny after Ronnie died.

haha, is that even possible to pronounce?

I have to agree on Jethro Tull--all I have so far is 'The Very Best Of' CD-- I had to get it after seeing them live on 'The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus' video, and it made excellent backround music when I was addicted to PS2 Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

Oh Em Gee! Another Dark Legacy fan! We have much to discuss...

Yes 2-28-74 Detroit !!11 This is the best Tales boot out there.


Jon Anderson BB Kings NYC 19/1/05

Remastered HDCDCD's $40.