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I just got a new computer using it right now. It's an 05 Xp from what I was told, flat screen and stuff, it's pretty cool. I felt pretty out dated with the '98 I have been using since forever

Cool!! What are the stats for it?? Speed, space, memory, etc.

Ive got a nice laptop that was made in march. the RAM can be upgraded to 2048 MB. I hope they fix it soon

2 gigs of ram??

I'm just saying it CAN be upgraded to that, but I am planning on upgrading it to 1.25 GB. Just so things run smoother.. And I found out they've just shipped it back to the company on friday! DOH I'm tired of this peice of shit!

Smoother ? That will be like INSTANT no matter what your running. I remember you saying you have 512MB in it already, so plan on spending about $60 for a 1GB stick or another 512MB and a 256MB. (If you want to upgrade to EXACTLY 1.25GB) Either way thats awesome because I only have 384MB.

Actually, in that range, amount of RAM becomes much less significant. It's all about the clock speed and response rate of your RAM. I have 1028MB of good OCZ RAM and it's great for basically anything you would want to do with present state software.

And nothing happens instantly...the more RAM you have, the more memory that will be written to (The OS will give out more RAM to each app. that requests it, since more is available). One can dream though...

It's only got two slots, so a 256 and a 1GB will do it.

I'm not 100% sure, but there's a possiblility that doing that will SLOW your computer down. It all depends on the RAM and how well they pair up, really.

Yea it can even matter if they are 2 different brands. Its like batteries, your not supposed to mix them but you can.

this is what I got:

Pentium 4 Processor 630 with HT Technology (3GHz, 800FSB)
1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz- 2DIMMs
17 inch E173FP Analog Flat Panel
256MB PCI Express x16 (DVI/VGA/TV-out) nVidia GeForce 6800
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache
9 in 1 Media Card Reader (Cool!!! ) and 3.5 in Floppy Drive
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition
Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS (D) Card w/Dolby 5.1, and IEEE 1394
5.1 100 Watt Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer (should have gone bigger )
Remote Control (Cool-er!!! )
Photo All-in-One Printer

Yep, that's a list of computer parts.

Yep, that's a list of computer parts.

... Its a Dell Dimension 9100

100 fucking watts is huge man, don't need to have gone bigger
I've got Pentium 5. IN YOUR FACE.
I can't beleive my school has Windows XP Pro on all of their 12 year old computers now...

That 100 watts is measured on a different scale than your home theatre systems and guitar amps. So it's not "stupidly loud" like you may think. Still loud though.

Well, Ive got these 16 Watt computer speakers that are pretty loud.. Are those measured on the same scale?

I have no clue. I just know that there are different scales. And computer speakers almost always look louder than they really are by the numbers. Also, it's not just volume. It's the ability to produce clear sounds at those high volumes as well.

As a general rule, if you multiply the wattage by 10 times, you double the volume. So a 10 watt speaker is about half as loud as a 100 watt speaker. It's a logarithmic scale.

Never can go too big

I was talking with one of the computer techs at a local high school and he mentioned that the following year every student was gonna have a laptop provided