Need help finding a name for a movie...

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I have this problem, I watched this movie a long time ago, I want to see it again, but I don't remember the name for the movie...

It is about to friends, one of them is tiny and incapable of walking, and the other one was a big fellow. The tiny one was the smartest and the big one is a bit stupid, so they use each other, the tiny one gets legs and the big one gets a higher intelligence. As you might have guessed, the tiny one was constantly sitting on the big guys shoulders.

This is a drama movie, if it makes it any easier...Anyway, it turns out that the tiny guy has some sort of cancer or something, and he tells his big friend about it. He shows him a building while he tells him that when he dies, he will be brought back to life in a new form in that building.

When the ambulance turns up some days later, picking up the tiny kid and his mother, the big guy runs out screaming and yelling from his house (the two of them were neighbours) trying to reach the ambulance. He's too slow and stops, he sees the mother looking at him with a sad look. Then when all hope seems to be lost, the big boy remembers that building the tiny kid talked about. He runs towards the building in the cold snow, wearing nothing but his pyjamas. When he reaches the buiding, he sees alot of people dressed in clothes that might remind you of land-ladies (he, he). He looks very confused, and he looks quickly from one side to another. He sees a wagon that is covered with clothes, if I remember it correctly. He takes the clothes away from the wagon, and the words: "US cleaners," or something, appears...
He falls down on his knees and screams, realizing that he's lost his friend forever...

The ones who reads all this, I thank you for your time. I hope anyone knows what movie this is.


I know the movie you're talking about, but I can't think of the title either

Sorry for being of no help.

freak almighty? thats the name of a book that i read that is basically what you are describing.

EDIT: this movie must be based on this book.

Your my saviour! Thanks alot! That's the movie, I am so sure, I remember that I've heard the name, but I couldn't remember what it was!
Thanks, andrewg!

your welcome, i had to read that book a few years back for summer reading, it took me a few minutes to remember the name though.

Oh, man...I searched on , but I couldn't find any match for "Freak Almighty", I know it's the title though. Do you have any idea of where I might be able to get some information about the movie on the net?

not really, sorry.

The movie you are looking for is probably "The Mighty".

You can find it on .

I hope I could be of help.

Thank you, manuel! I checked it out, and it is the movie I'm looking for! Andrewg, they probably changed the name of the book when they made the movie, from "Freak Almighty" to "The Mighty".