What do you get a craving for often?

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I often daydream about chips of all types.

Mountain Dew.... i'm like addicted to that stuff, and my mom didn't get any last time she went to the store

and sometimes if i haven't eaten a steak in awhile i'll get a craving for it. most of the time when i'm hungry and there's nothing to eat i get a craving for some kind of meat, like beef or pork

Uhh.. I'm not pregnant.


wendy's classic triple

There are times I really want Cheese. Also crisps. Roast Potatoes too. Hmmm......food....

An almost rare steak.... mmmmm...
Otherwise a nice icebox cold Coke.


I'm craving for lots of Japanese stuff I just can't get here in Germany, like buns with red bean paste ("", which is a tube-shaped fish-paste cake. Sounds bad, tastes good and is healthy. You gotta try when you go to Japan.

I only really have two things that I end up craving alot: shrimp scampi, and Budweiser.


I love pizza.


Whenever I get out of the movies... Chicken.
Whenever I play my GC... Pie
In 6th Period (History)... Goldfish Crackers

Dr. Pepper


Orange Soda

Vanilla coke
chinese food from a local mall.... mmmm
edo japan
wendys jr bacon cheeseburgers....
bbq rib tv dinner - god i could eat these all day
donair from a local joint.. oh man...
all you can eat beef ribs - I've only been twice my whole life, would love to again
bacon, ham
shrimp - we have a ring but I don't wanna eat it yet


Italian food, closely followed by Chinese. And..Godzilla just reminded me of the Wendy's Classic Triple. Good lord, there goes my diet...

Right now I'd almost kill for a sloppy joe (or two or three...)

I haven't had a "real" pop since December so I'm kinda wanting that too.

I have also been on a Strict Diet for the past week but i would love to eat Steak and Eggs again at Denny's

Jerky. loooooooove jerky. Spicer the better.