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this time of year we always open presents and i was wondering when do you open yours

Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Some other time that no one would ever know.

I open mine on Eve night,

I open mine on Eve night,

Christmas morning. I thought eveyone did. I stand corrected.

Dec 24th.
Like everybody does in Germany.

Usually christmas day, but sometimes Christmas Eve if my dad has to work on christmas morning.

christmas morning

Also I go to my grandmas later and open more!!!!

Christmas Day for sure.

Growing up we used to open a few on xmas eve. (When you're a kid you can be quite antsy when it comes to presents).
Now (that I don't have xmas with actual family members) I just open them all on xmas.

We open on Christmas Eve but this year we won't be opening anything there are no gifts under the tree.

well, every year up until this year on Christmas Eve, i'd all go to my grandparents house, have a big dinner and open gifts from my dads side of the family

then Christmas Day, i'd open the gifts at my moms house (from my mom, and her side of the family), have a big breakfast, and then go to my dads house and open the gifts he got us. (haven't gone to my his house in a couple of years because of some "issues" but we're working on that )

but this year, my grandparents and one of my aunts moved to Texas, so this year, my aunt that lives in Fort Lauderdale is driving here on Wednesday to pick up me, my sister and my cousin, and we're all driving up to Texas.... and i think my dad is flying in later in the week. i'm not too sure about that yet.

and i don't know what's going on at my moms house, me and my sister won't be here, and i don't know if she got us any gifts or not.


Usually open them at my grandma's on christmas eve, but i wont be having christmas this year either..... my mom and grandma are flying to California for christmas.

oh yeah and i always go to my Grandmas Open a few presents from Her, then come home and open ours.

WTF?Yea no gifts this year we been having some hard times and not much money for gifts it's cool though things could be worse.

That sucks bad dog.

We open some at this party on the Eve. Then on Christmas day we open the gifts from my parents and famliy.


I know what you mean on hard times; we're having them as well over here (considering I'm the only one working and I have 4 cats and a husband to feed).

But I did manage to squeek by (I didn't eat my lunches for a couple weeks) and buy my hubby Aeon Flux (he super wanted it).

What does your husband do when you work?

Well Bad Dog Im glad you and Barbie Jenni girl at least are doing good and are alive and well . And dont forget the true meaning of Christmas . Christmas is just usally commericalized anyway on tv. Just as long as you guys spend time with the family and are doing good is all that matters.

Sometimes he takes over the housework for me (like cleaning and laundry) but otherwise he just twiddles his thumbs.
We have that wonderful INS to thank for that.

I open mine at Christmas Eve.