Cool Banner

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check out this awesome Banner i found.

I think it rocks, even though some EA are good likes Burnout you know.

EA does suck. I hate that god damned slogan or whatever the hell of a 2 year old whispering "Challenge, eevvryting" lot of f...s in that banner.

It's quite subtle, but I got the message.

I think EA is maligned way out of proportion to their suckiness. Now, if it was a Microsoft or banner...

The new voice over for EA Sports, "EA Sports, Fuck Everthing"

hahaah.... i'd love to see that

Isnt the voice whispering EA Not sports?

EA sports its really gay!

I do agree though to that. To me, EA Games is Ok, but EA sports sucks

I really don't know why...

EA does suck..... except for Fight Night. I ruled in that game!

the Road Rash series kicks ass too

Yea The First 3 on the genesis were cool.