What would you do?

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If The NES files suddenly broke down.

What would be your Alternative.

For me, There is no Alternative, this is the only Forum I post at.


That would be pretty hard for me to soak in. Out of all the video game forums, I like this one the most. I like the green and black colors, it makes the forums seem a bit more calm. I am already used to most of the regulars and newer users. It's a great place, no spammers or anything, real calm

I would probably just get onwith my life..

I would probably try to get out more get some fresh air go fishing ride a bike more outdoor stuff.

This is only one I post at too. I'm sure i'd get over it.

I wouldn't find another hobby besides playing the NES if the nesfiles broke down...I have other hobbies already though, but I wouldn't quit playing the NES. I would have gotten devastated, but as most of the replies, I would have moved on with my life.

I would be sure of though that some piece of my everyday would have been gone, I've been at these forums for a whole year this Christmas, so I would definetly miss it.

I would also know that I wouldn't be able to find another forum like this with all it's good adVices if you need help to do anything and so on...

I don't think that it exists that many forums on the internet like this with so many nice and supportive people.

I've seen that many NES-forums lack style like this style we have right here on these forums, with the green and black colours and the cool logo we have.

I've never seen any web sites with so good order either. If something is posted in the wrong topic, it get's moved. You need to write so that people understand you, and don't make a post with too little text. Like "OK" etc.

People here are very creative, I think, find something new to ask or talk about. Keep up the good work!

That was all I had to say about this wonderful web site.

If the site broke down, Derek would surely find a way to put it back on again.
But if the nesfiles really broke down and never came again... that would not be nice.
I'd probably look for another board where lots of you guys are around.

I 'unno. Do something else, I guess. I would miss it.