Best Movie Villian

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Who do you think was the best villian in a movie?

the undead. i love zombie movies!

Jaws. Or Oddjob.

I thought the T1000 in Terminator 2 was pretty cool.


Biff Tannen.

I kinda liked the guy from Spider-Man (the Green Goblin), with that low raspy voice. He was the best man for that part.

Darth Vader.

Oh, man, that's exactly what I was going to say! Oh well, I better go with Shredder too.

I agree

zombies, but if that doesnt count ill say Count Dracula!

Darth Vader is also very cool.
I didn't care much for Darth Maul.

i think if both of you saw the "The Coming Out of Their Shells Tour" you'd change your mind anyone seen that? deffinatly the saddest thing to EVER happen to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. it's so bad, i couldn't finish watching it

"We wish you a turtle christmas" VHS is another to avoid. Disgraceful.

atleast that's a cartoon

Nope, its actors with suits on singing like fruits with little children.

hahah. i've never seen that so i assumed it was a cartoon. the Tour video thing is like that too. Shreddar looks SO homosexual, same with Splinter

Yeah, I've seen that one too...Wasn't big of a deal...
Shredder is my favorite movie villan though, he's always been. One of the reasons is that fighting style of his, and the costume is pretty cool, at least in the real movies!

*Clink-clink, clink-clink, clink-clink, clink-clink...*

"Waaaaaaaaaaaarrrriooooooorrrrrrrsss..... Come out to PlaheyYAAAAAAY!"