Professor Layton (Nintendo DS)

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I was looking on some site that I can't remeber the name of, when I came across this game. It's looks as if it could be promising.
Here's a screenshot

It reminds me of Howls Moving Castle, in terms of it's visuals.
From what i've discovered it appears to be some kind of puzzle game with some RPG elements.
A link with some information.
Any other opinions on this game? I think it could be good, but I fear that it may come out in Japan about a year before it comes out in the "west"

When I first saw it on 4 Cr I thought it was a Movie. But this DS game looks very nice. I will put it on my Flash Card later when it's out in Japan and tell you how it is.

It's out in Japan (and already sold out in many online shops...) now.
Did you have a chance to try it yet?
I guess it's a bit hard, because everything's in Japanese, but the screenshots look promising. I guess I need a flash deVice, and soon.

At E3 it was confirmed that this game was coming out in the US on december 3rd, so an EU release should be certain. I'm pretty happy about that