DS and DS Lite?

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Is there a difference in software or hardware between the two? Or is it just design?

Screens are brighter on the Lite. The Lite is smaller. The POWer button on the Lite is on the side. The Start and Select buttons were placed below the A,B,X,Y Buttons. The A,B,X,Y buttons are bigger. The stylus holder is on the side on the light. The Joy pad on the lite is smaller? The Mic has also been moved on the Lite. Over the Light looks nicer but the Phat DS feels better in my hands. If I am missing features some one please post them.

I think you covered it all Aaron.

Is it just me or does the DS lite feel like it's made out of crappy plastic? I noticed when I'm playing on the lite and my thumb hits the side screen I hear a clicky/snappy noise.

I agree. I like the lite, but I feel like I'm going to break it.