Game Boy Camera

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It just crossed my mind that you could buy some photo thing for Game Boy Color back in the days. It was like a (if I remember it correctly) webcamera you placed on the top of your Game Boy.

Here's some information:

Does anybody else remember this item?

A friend of mine still uses that camera. He takes photos, prints them out and scans those. Looks weird, but somehow nice.

I don't have the camera itsself, but I have the Gameboy printer for it.

Ahhh yes I remember the Game Boy camera. I think it was a pretty cool add-on to an already awesome (in that time) handheld. The mini games were also fun and addicting.

If anybody wants one, play-asia has them still in stock.

I remember that. My friends and I were bitterly disappointed that we couldn't take decent screenshots of N64 games.

I remember those. My friend back in Grade school had one. It was pretty cool. Was there a 3rd Party one for the GBA?