The DS Lite is upon us

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So, who else got one? Even though my Red DS is only 6 months old, I got the DS Lite today anyway. I plan on selling the old one eventually.

The new design is awesome. An improvement I found but didn't read about anywhere is that the new volume slider is much better. It's now much easier to make fine volume adjustments.

The new screens are gorgeous. It's comfortable to hold (even with my large hands), and it's lighter.

It's too bad this wasn't the original design. Oh well, the old DS was still worth the cost just for the 6 months. The last 6 months have been the best time for gaming for me my entire life.

I just got mine as well... Is it just me or does it seem like the clear plastic casing is removable?

I only played my friends DS for a little while so I don't have much to compare with, but I like this DSlite. The stylus holder is in a much better location, easier to grab on the fly.

A friend got one today and brought it over...

The Lite is an entirely different machine.

As soon as they release some more colours, I'll be getting one for sure. Then I can stop playing the girlfriend's old DS.

I wish I had a DSlite . I also am waiting for other colors. I want either a Black or maybe a blue one.

Is there a Pink lite coming out?

I'll wait for a cool Japanese special edition.

Did anybody of you encounter dead pixels on your new DSs yet?

I want one also but my hands are to big.

I have big hands, the normal DS is uncomfortable, the Lite feels great though.

SHHHH!! Don't jinx it! I didn't get the replacement plan!

When you hold the NDS while playing after I am done on the back it's all wet, from sweat is the NDSlite like this?

Some people go that, some don't. If your hands sweat while holding the DS, odds are it's going to happen with the lite too.

SHHHH!! Don't jinx it! I didn't get the replacement plan!

That was smart. You saved yourself some cash. You don't need a replacement plan because if you even have a single dead/stuck pixel, you can call Nintendo and they will advance replace your DS for you.

This means they will ship a new DS to you. When the new DS arrives, you put the DS with the dead pixel in the box that held the new one. After that, just peel away Nintendo's shipping sticker to reveal return postage.

That's right, Nintendo will replace your DS absolutely free, pay the return shipping, and advance replace it so you don't even have to go a few days without a DS in the meantime.

That being said, both my fatty and DS Lite have no dead/stuck pixels. My 19" widescreen monitor has absolutely no dead/stuck pixels either. I've been lucky with LCD technology.

I wouldn't say you've been lucky. Dead pixels don't happen as often as it's made out that they do. it's some foolishly low percentage of displays that actually have stuck pixels. Getting three working products is perfectly normal.

Getting three working products is perfectly normal.

I agree with you in the sense that most DS units should have no dead pixels. But when companies' return policies for monitors are 7+ dead pixels, it lends me to think having one or two on a 19" screen is common.

The first DS I got (on launch day) had a solitary dead pixel. However, the shop were happy to exchange it. Hence, I didn't deal directly with nintendo/its serVice department over it, but their policy over replacement seems sound.
Getting something with a dead pixel is a rare occurance.
The DS lite looks great. I'll definately pick on up, probably in "bitchin'" black, when the financal situation allows as such.

I finally got to see/touch the DS lite pink!!! Guess where Jenni's next paycheck is going.....