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I took the plunge on this little handheld and I couldnt be happier.

The unit its self is very well built The buttons and joystick are great and responsive. The screen is beautiful. One small problem is the headphone jack thats on the upper side of the unit so you'll need an extra long headphone cord.

Neo-Geo is one of the biggest reasons I ordered this and after some tinkering I managed to get Metal Slug 1-5 and X working great. I've tried all of my Neo-Geo games and they all work great.

90% of games are full speed with sound. The only game I tried that wasent was Punch-Out! (not Mike Tyson's).

with the release of the MMU hack alot of games are now full speed with sound or atleast very very near full speed. Games that take full advantage of Mode 7 are still way to slow to be played (no Mario Kart).

Wonderful on older MAME NES ROMsets

I've only tried one game which was Panzer Bandit (a Japanese company's attempt at cloning Trasures masterpiece Guardian Heroes) and while alittle slow it was completely playable. I would say 85% speed with sadly no sound. A new release which the author's promise a 200 to 300 percent speed increase is due out soon.

Genesis Game Gear Master System

Movie play back
after ripping MST3k Prince of Space I can take Crow, Tom and the rest with me wherever. The quality of both video and audio are great even when using the tv-out feature.

To sum up its my second favorite thing to ever come out of Korea.

Well theres my review, I hope it helped

Luke wanted this game also. I might and I mean might pick this up if my uncle can buy it online for me.

**Waits on Lukes thoughts on the system**

I was wonder what to get, Either this or an 30 GB Ipod video inwhich I can put Linux on and play Iboy(Game boy emu) and Ines(Nes emu).

Well IF Metal Slug 1,2,3 and X play well on this its a purchase.. as for an Ipod for games. I really cant say but the GP2X does do MP3 playbacka nd quite well according to the reviews so I guess it comes down to your priorties.

I don't actually own one, but I do plan to grab one if I have enough spare cash this summer.

Basically it does everything the PSP does, at half the price and with MUCH greater ease. No stupid "Memory stick" it uses standard SD cards, which are MUCH cheaper.

Also, and they generally charge closer to the actual shipping rate too.

Thanx for the heads up. Does is bother you that NES/SNES arent emulated that well yet? Whats your thoughts on how far the emulation can go? As you seem to know your hardware tech.

SNES is always a challenge to get running properly. I do think the GP2X has the POWer to do it. It's just a matter of an efficient emulator.

I really have no idea why NES isn't perfect... surely there's a good emulator out there.

I am surprised that you said it runs Neo Geo full speed, where did you see this?

Neo Neo - "Almost" perfect. Enabling sound seems to slow things down a bit in places. Metal Slugs 1-5 are great to play on this machine. w/ sound 85-90%, no sound 100%. NES ROM play asia review.

look around on the forums its discussed more. I've been researching this for awhile but I had never seen an actual percentage given to emualtion on the Neo Geo.

also on theres a link to a Craig's review I believe he gives the Neo Geo his highest recomendation right there with the Genesis.

This looks like its promising, although I hope that English isnt this persons first language.

Psx4gp2x W.i.p.
submitted by hando @ (11:12) 09 Jun 2006

Una-i posted some good news about current status of Psx4gp2x emulator:

My private 18c beta has alllmost if not all 2d games workin nicelly, including transitions a so on. All known 2d bug seen to be solved now.
On the 3d the only reamining bug is the missin poligons one that is the first on my list.
zottd and me have been talking a lot a bout the interpreter and he is avancin nice on the threaded interpreter to get it more fast and compatible.
on the gpu side after the big 3d bug hunt, I'll start lookin for the flickering bug on some games that seems a problem with interupt handling, and may be ussing the new pixel pipeline I can make a pixelpipeline totally in asm, but I have to check first the code generated by the compiler.
During all this proces I also especto to estar makin the place for acelerated gpu's implementations, that will be the opengl, POWerVR and secondCore gpu's

Thoughts on ps1 games on a handheld not made by $ony?

That would be most excellent. and makes me want the handheld just that much more. Unfortunately an SD card big enough to hold some of the larger games is going to be painfully expensive.

I don't actually own one, but I do plan to grab one if I have enough spare cash this summer.

Basically it does everything the PSP does, at half the price and with MUCH greater ease. No stupid "Memory stick" it uses standard SD cards, which are MUCH cheaper.


Well it doesn't play PSP games.
That handheld really sounds good. It can run lots of emulators and isn't too expensive either.
I might even consider a purchase if I had the spare money. (But if I had that money I'd surely get a Wii first)

P.S.: Stop the Memory Sticks!

I have a GP32 myself (previous handheld to GP2X). It's a great little handheld that can do pretty much anything you need it for, even word processing if you feel frisky. I was considering snaggin' a GP2X, however seeing as I travel little anymore, its not economical. I may even be putting up my GP32 in the Buy/sell as I don't really have time to use it much anymore. Honestly though, even GBC support is sufficient for a handheld.

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