SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS.

In Handhelds

One of the best games released on the classic NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld system of a half-decade ago is about to be revived for a new generation of portable gamers. SNK Playmore is about ready to unleash SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS for the dual screen Nintendo handheld system. The company's given us a first look at the game before its debut at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo next week.

Like the original game released on the NeoGeo Pocket Color, SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS is a card battling game featuring characters from both company's universes. Players do battle with decks of cards that have familiar folk like Street Fighter 2010's Guile, Chun Li, Ken, Ryu, and others, as well as fighters from SNK games such as Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, and Fatal Fury.

The Nintendo DS version of the game will feature touch-screen control to make it easy to select and sort earned cards and battle with opponents, as well as maneuver through the game's competition structure. Expect the Nintendo DS system's wireless capabilities to come into play to enable multiple players to trade and compete against each other.

We'll have more on the game as we get closer to next week's big show.



My +9 Jubei can totally take your Rising Dragon Punch Ryu card.