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I heard that the UMD movies aren't selling well on the PSP has anyone heard anything else about this?

That was on engadget or joystiq the last day.
UMD movies don't sell at all.
For a good reason. Why pay more for a UMD version, where you get only the movie without extras, which you can ONLY watch on your PSP (which doesn't even happen to have a TV out)?
Most UMDs cost more than the corresponding DVDs. That's just foolish to think that they could sell crap like that. Especially when it's so easy to rip movies off DVD and put them on a mem stick.

Ditto on every single point. I couldn't have said it better myself.

should help out completests for systems since the $$ won't be much.

This is probably going to sound completely idiotic (then again the only dumb questions are the ones unasked).

Why couldn't they just make a UMD player that Hooks up to your TV? (Or does the PSP Hook up to TV's?)

Or is it like when you try to maximize a really small picture in photoshop and it just gets all f'd up?

I honestly don't know how these things work....

That's a good question. I'd like to know, too.
Could anyone ask Sony?

And no, the PSP doesn't Hook up to a TV.
They could easily build a player for it. But I assume that would cost 150$ then. Which is again stupid, because you can buy DVD players for 50$.

It wouldn't state a problem to output the signal to a TV. UMDs native resolution is as high as of DVDs.
You can read about it .

UMD Video is encoded in 720x480 pixels resolution, which is then scaled to the 480x272 pixels PSP screen resolution. This way it will be possible for further products in the future to display UMD Video on larger screens and/or TV's at full DVD resolution.
Used Codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile Level3 (Memorystick-Video uses: MPEG-4 SP,AAC)

It was outright stupid of Sony to believe that people would pay much money for this crappy product.
The only UMDs that sold well were porn UMDs in Japan. (Don't shake hands with PSP owners... )

I read on a website that the UMD's aren't selling well at all. It also stated that Wal Mart are due to stop stocking these discs.
I personally think you'd be foolish to buy them when DVD's are less. I know about four or five PSP owners, none of them own any films on UMD's. They pretty much agree that either they're too expensive, or they just wouldn't want to watch a film when they're on the bus.

Maybe not on the bus, but I like to watch stuff on the train. I don't watch movies, though. I watch "Home Improvement", "Simpsons" or other short entertainment on my Archos Gmini. If I had a PSP I'd watch it there, but I would definitely not buy UMD movies. (Unless it's something I like and this is like 2.99 in a sale or something)

I think sometimes the heads at Sony don't think things through. Who would buy a UMD (when the only deVice that plays them is PSP) when like it's been stated, they cost more than DVD's (which you can play on anything from your computer to TVs)?
I guess they didn't learn from their mistakes of the past. (Can we say MiniDisc?)

At least Mini Disc was better than UMD.
MD is still quite popular in Japan and even Germany to some extent.
You can record your own stuff on it, which you can't with UMDs...

At least Mini Disc was better than UMD.
MD is still quite popular in Japan and even Germany to some extent.
You can record your own stuff on it, which you can't with UMDs...

I just remember when they first came out (many years ago) and I saw them in the stores for maybe a year. Then they fell of the face of this side of the planet.

While the sales of recorded minidiscs never really took off, it was/is great as a recording medium. Their popularity was with musicians and audiophiles.

And granted, that's a niche market, but certainly a bigger one than the PSP movie market. I'd consider the minidisc a success.

It was a great idea to for Sony to make a product aimed at idiots, but they made a serious error in marketing it towards idiots.

Anyone know why the code is showing?

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