Movie Player (Compact Flash Version) For DS, GBA

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I was crusing on Ebay and saw one of these Contraptions. Does anybody know of anyone that has got one or maybe know if it's really lame (or not)?

Google wasn't being as nice as usual to me (I guess I don't know the magic words) and I couldn't really find much information on it. All I could find was places selling it. And they of course are going to act like it's the greatest thing EVER.

Try to find some reviews about the "". I only heard good stuff about it. It's a bit pricy, though.

I have that one.
It's not bad. You can play GB and NES ROMs up to the size of 192kb. That's not so much, so you can't play bigger games.
Video playback is ok, not great and it's not so good for music. The sound is crappy on the thing because you have to compress te data quite much.

I don't own one, but with those you can do a little changing of the firmware and another deVice called a "NoPass card" and you can run homebrew DS
games on it I personally have only played the DS games I programmed on an emulator, I should buy one for myself.

EDIT: opps... I didn't relise this topic was so old. Sorry about that