Well THAT was worth it!

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I bought a Nintendo DS about a year ago, and the first game I got (other than a little Metroid demo) was Super Mario 64 DS. Great game. Great gameplay. Overall I personally rated the game a 4-star. It almost was a 5-star... that is until I beat it. After a year of playing, I started suddenly coming across a bunch of POWer Stars I had missed. I painstakingly seeked each last castle secret star out, finishing with the secret under the moat which I thought I already had. The mystery of the cannon outside the castle was solved. Life was complete. OR SO I THOUGHT!!! I went into the cannon, fired at the first place it aimed, and landed on the castle roof. All I find: 3 1ups and a ? box. Whoo. Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is, I want to know if the same thing was your reward in the old Super Mario 64 game. Was there a reward at all? Or was it better? ...or worse? Cause I just want to know if getting 150 FREAKIN POWER STARS was actually worth 3 1 ups and the ability to flay around the castle. So if anyone remembers, please post.

i dont know your real question butj dont you mean 150 stars

I haven't played the DS version but in the original the only extra other than what you mentioned was that Yoshi was up there and he would give you 100 lives. What were you expecting to happen? Fireworks? Goombas doing somersaults? The princess doing a nude pole dance? Maybe that would have been worth 5/5?

couldn't you POWerslide down a secret shaft or somthing through the entire castle from there?

As far as I remember there was Yoshi on the roof and you could get 100 lives.
And jumping from the roof you could fly around the landscape.
That's all.

what's the point of 100 lives AFTER you've fully beaten the game?!?!

Well...? I don't know.
After beating the game I've had almost 100 lives anyway. It's pretty much useless.
But Yoshi is sweet.

I don't know about him, but sure was. And I was crushed. Thanks a lot, Nintendo.

....well. After all that someone, by accident, answered my question. Yoshi gives you 100 lives. Therefore, the original reward was better. That's all I needed. Why is everyone assuming i was saying that the reward sucked? I just wanted to know the original one.