Nintendo announces Web Browser and TV Tuner for DS

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On February 15th Nintendo's Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo will sell a Web Browser (from Opera) and a TV Tuner card for the Nintendo DS to broaden the base of DS owners.

The browser uses both screens and can be operated by your touch pen (of course).

The price is 3800Yen (~35$) and it should be out in June. I kind of hoped for 2800 Yen, but what the heck. If it's nice I might get it.

The TV tuner also sounds nice, but, as the browser, both are scheduled for Japan only at the time being.

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Ah, it's on ign, too already!

Jap only!? how can they do that . that thing sounds pretty sweet.

If it's a huge success in Japan it may come out in the West, too.
Japan is a huge testing area for such stuff.

dammit i wanna watch TV at school!

You could watch TV on your cell phone.
I don't know how common this serVice is in the US, but Japanese kids already do that.

Watching TV on the DS would be nice I think, but only a gimmick. I hope it won't be too expensive.

Poor Play-Yan.

Why is Play-yan poor?

Isn't this one cheaper? And I meant that the MP3/Video deVice you posted most likey come to NA. So there for this one would gain more money.

Sounds like a neat idea. I hope the qaulity of the T.V is good, unlike those pocket t.v's that were popular a few years ago.

I might be investing in a DS after this, girlfreind wants a GBA, but a mini DS with online stuff?

Done deal!

I would certainly prefer a DS lite over a GBA. Not only is the screen much better, you also can play DS games on it. But no old GB games unfortunately.

That's because they are most likely to pay for it. And it's the country of the producer, so they get all the interesting stuff.

Let's face it. We Westerners nag to much about new gaming accessories. The Japanese aren't so critical, that's one reason why everything is released there first. That's what I think.

Too true.

when i first seen this i was hyped, i really home this is released in the USA