GBA: Sword of Mana

In Handhelds

I read some reviews about that game. Some say it's awesome, others say it's mediocre.
Now I'd like to know the opinion of my fellow gamers here.
Does anybody own it or actually played it? Please let me know what you think about the game.

I love Secret of Mana for the SNES. Now I have a chance to buy Sword of Mana for relatively cheap money (18$). Money is tight now, so I don't know whether I should buy it or not.

Well, I can't really do it justice. I will say, however, that as an rpg, I love it, but I hate it as an action game. I know it's cryptic, but I just went on a huge rant a few minutes ago, and I don't have the wherewithall to make another huge description. I'm sure other people will have good opinions of it, though. It has flaws, but it's a good game.

i saw it at toys r us for 5 bucks, and i was broke, now its gone, and im pissed at myself, for it, i played it at work along time ago, and it was pretty sweet.

Good game.

I don't like the whole plant addition though, that kind of stuff is annoying!

But it feels like good ol' mana, just slightly less open, Secret of mana was just way to big to explore it all.

Decent game for sure, but I'd rather play FF Dawn of Souls, or IV.