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So, the other day, me and a childhood friend of mine decided to watch the Ninja Turtles live action movies of the 90's to think a little back at the good old days when true heroes ruled the children's channels...

Anyway, we searched a little bit on Wikipedia for NES stuff which we both always find interesting. We found some curious information that brought a smile to my face. You see, what I discovered, was that the third generation gaming era (which was the NES generation so to speak) was from 1983-1992 officially. Which means that I actually belong to the 8-bit era.

And OneGenerationTooLate, you better change your username from now on, 'cause you just made it, pal!

Well, ... congrats?

The only thing is that such a division into "generations" is highly subjective. Other people might have other perceptions of the term.
But still, cool for you.


Well, they're subjective, yes, but what do you think personally? Think guys like me and OGTL are part of the NES era? I hope I am...

Well personally I'd put you in the SNES era. It's because the NES era was already over when you were able to play. I talk about the time when you're 6 or 7 years old.
I was around 7 years when the NES came out in Europe.

So for me people born after 1984/1985 fall in the SNES generation, because most of them start gaming with a 16bit machine already, may it be SNES or Genesis.

Yeah, you're probably right there. Although the first console I ever got was a NES, and I had a lot of friends at the same age as me who also were playing NES Games at 6-7. Of course, some of the them played SNES Games as well, myself included.

I guess I just want to fit in here, am I too young to be playing games for this system, in your opinion? Don't get me wrong, I love the Super Nintendo, and I'd be proud to be a part of the SNES era.

By the way, are there any "Color TV Game" (which was the first system for Nintendo) generations here?

I guess if you want to be in the NES era, that's ok.
I mean you like it so much and it was the first console you played, so, welcome to the NES generation.

I played several older consoles before the NES, like some Pong machines, Atari VCS, Game&Watch...

And OneGenerationTooLate, you better change your username from now on, 'cause you just made it, pal!
heh, if only i could've held a NES controller in 1992