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The NES is great and all, but where ever I go nobody seems to be interested in the first Game Boy. I don't know why. I've started collecting games for it and completing sets, it's so easy. Does anyone here still care about the game boy?

Sure, I'll never forget Super Mario Land for it, man what a great game.

Actually, I never owned it myself. The first Game Boy I purchased was the GBP. However, in elementary school, there was this girl in my class who shared that Game Boy with me quite a bit. I remember how facinated I was by it, because it was so big and heavy compared to the other handheld consoles.

I think you should contribute more to the "Handhelds" forums if you want to get more into the Game Boys.

I like the Gameboy, but it didn't have many games that appealed to me. You know, I'm an RPG guy and those were rare on that handheld.