Console Wars

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I remember myself being heavily involved in gaming around the 1st console war, even at a young age. I liked nintendo, but late in the game I saw that Sega was Big-Kid system, and In 1996 I got me a Genesis. I'm one of those Sega converts who quickly went back to Nintendo shortly after Sega's collapse. After that I kinda quit being involved in the console wars and became a classic gamer because there was too much to take in (that and I love old games better) Now I have a Wii and quickly see myself in 1993 all over again.

strage how history repeats itself.

Edit- I know people will hit me for not mentioning The NES and the consoles before it, but those arent console wars but mere Total Domination by consoles such as The NES and the Atari. Console wars are marked by Heavy advertising, firm gamer debates and arguements, and the rise of the converts.

Definitely the first one.
I wasd so into Nintendo, I thought everything else was teh sh1t.
This was partly because in my region the shops only sold Nintendo stuff.
The first time I heard of other makers was in game magazines. But then still I was pretty hardcore for Nintendo...

When I got older I realized that there are good games on all platforms and that you'll miss out on a lot of great games if you only concentrate on 1 maker.