NiGHTS Sequel Confirmed.

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Reader dc12iscool grabbed a couple pictures of a preview in the latest ONM.

The text reads, “World Exclusive! Step back in time as a classic game makes a long overdue returnâ€Â

It's the april issue, believe nothing.

To be honest though, when I first saw the star outline, I saw Woody Woodpecker... NiGHTS doesn't even realistically fit in there without ignoring a lot of the points...

It's the april issue, believe nothing.

To be honest though, when I first saw the star outline, I saw Woody Woodpecker... NiGHTS doesn't even realistically fit in there without ignoring a lot of the points...

I hope it's real. NiGHTS would be sweet on the Wii, with the WiiMote controls. But if it is real I hope Sega doesn't fuck it up. I also fixed the title. Just incase it's an April Fools joke.

I saw some animal with a pointy mouth...

I'd say just wait and see.

I played Nights and frankly I didn't like it. I couldn't get the controls right, I never flew where I wanted to.

Complete with star background and everything.

And EGM says that next month they have big news on a future Wii game they aren't even aloud to hint about.

The magazine news keeps coming - This time, EGM

JasonMCG sent in a little blurb from the latest issue of EGM. His email said he included a scan as well, but it looks like he forgot to attach it. As soon as he gets back to me with the scan I will update this story. The text from the issue reads as follows.

“If this Month’s Wii feature isn’t enough to get you all hot and heavy, then next issue’s selection of upcoming titles should do the trick. Some of these games are so secret that we’re forbidden to drop hints for the fear of PR ninjas (yes, they exist) dropping into the office to test the limits of the human spinal cord.â€

Well, some new good games would be sweet.

I'm with Luke, it just dosent fit. I really hope I'm wrong and Sega and the big N come through on a next gen amazing NiGHTS experience.

Official Nintendo Magazine rumour
Around the same time as the poll, Official Nintendo Magazine published a rumour of an upcoming game for the Wii to be revealed in its May 2007 issue. It stated that "a classic game makes a long overdue return!" and the constellation printed above accurately follows the outline of the NiGHTS logo.

Official Nintendo Magazine confirmed on its message board that the teaser is indeed valid, as many thought it was unreliable due to the fact that April Fools Day is coming, but also made clear they never stated it was a NiGHTS sequel.

"I've seen everything from Family Guy to Woody Woodpecker fitting perfectly in that star cluster!" "There are quite a few images that perfectly fit into that star cluster. We've never mentioned any names -- it could be anything."
Regardless of this statement, other publications are still wary regarding whether the magazine is telling the truth.

I'm taking this all with a pinch of salt....but I would like to see a new nights game. It would certainly encourage me to get a wii sooner than later.
I have to agree with Luke, it does look like Woody woodpecker.

So it seems all the Nights fans get what they dream of.
I just hope for them Sega doesn't disappoint its fanbase with a mediocre title.
If this game is on the Wii they better make use of the Wii remote and not just tack on something.

There you have it. Take alook at some of those Screens over at

it's confirmed.

I made a short post on my blog

It's certainly good news. The fact that the original creator or whomever doesn't want to be involved doesn't inspire me with much confidence. On the Kotaku article Luke linked to, it claimed it would be out in winter. This seems too soon to me and it may be rushed for the christmas market. I'm sure if they take their time it could be a good game, there's certainly high expectations and a large fanbase for the original whom will want a good title.

You can't really say if it's rushed. Maybe it's been in development for a long time already (which I hope for the fans).

I realised that after posting, but we don't know either way yet. But with such expectations, their better off taking their time.

Oh man, I’m getting excited. Sega of Europe has published a list of Nights: Journey Into Dreams details online, and here’s a quick summary for you:

- Masks allow NiGHTS to shape-shift into a dragon, a dolphin (Ecco, anyone?), and a rocket

- Change scenery according to real-world seasons with the Forecast Channel

- Seven dream worlds to explore

- Exchange items via WiiConnect 24

I don’t know about you guys, but low poly or not, I just about flipped when I saw the first scans of the game. This news, especially the potential for Forecast Channel implementation, gets me even more pumped. I sure wish Winter 2007 didn’t seem so very, very far off…


I think last months issue of Nintendo POWer featured this as well.