My Thoughts on Final Fight (Warning: very tangental)

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I made this realization duringa few years of playing Final Fight: My favorite arcade brawler. I got word from a website that The first Final Fight game was actually going to be the second Street Fighter 2010 game. All I had to hinge on was that very sentence and no further evidence.
I then searched the internet for more info, when I stumbled on this picture:

Yes. This is the fabled "Street Fighter 2010 game that isnt really" game. Looking simply at the title screen, I had a vision: Street Fighter 2010 2-The Final Fight! This was probably the original title for the game before they decided to make Final Fight. Seeing as they didnt want to throw away a good name, they made a crap-ass game, added a couple numbers to the title, and made the 1990 abomination there is now.

The characters. If you look at Cody and Guy's palletes, theyre red and white: the same colors of Ryu and Ken. They also know kick-ass karate. This mustve meatnt Ryu and Ken were starring in the game. Now,What about Haggar?

look familiar? the same hunched over pose? The wrestling moves? Yep. I'm assuming the third player was going to be Zangief, which makes prefect sense since The USSR was a superPOWer along with Japan and the US. It adds more diversity to the game.

(I know its the GBA Screen of FF,so chill)
The Almighty Car scene. Both of these Capcom games involve the utter crap-out-of beating of some poor schmuck's car for points. I rest my case there.

In Street Fighter 2010 Alpha's 2 and 3, many of FF characters are introduced in the game as playable characters. Perhaps a coverup? hmmm?

What are your thoughts?

Very similar indeed. Possibly though because they're all Capcom. Interesting.

I think you might be on to something...

P.S. You should try hosting your photo's yourself... Then they don't disappear