Maddox spits the truth about video games

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This is old I know, but I'm putting this up for everybody who considers themself a gamer. Maddox shows how Contra III, a game from 13 or so years ago is still better than half the crap that is released these days. Weep as your PS3 and XBox 360 gets torn viciously apart.

He has some good points there...

On the other hand you shouldn't generalize too much.
There were crappy games on the older consoles, too. Lots of. Contra 3 may be the greatest game for him. But I'm sure there are a lot of great games made these days, too.

Yeah, its true too. I mean, could you really see another awesoem Contra game in today's video game consoles? Maybe on Wii, but that's it.

He's also forgetting you can't go around and shoot people in the head in real life, so realism in video games is justified