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I got Gears of War for the 360 for Christmas.. This game kicks the ever loving crap out of any other shooter I've played. My only gripe is the game wasn't long enough. Beautiful graphics, intense action and all around a nicely done game. It almost makes me think that paying for Xbox live would be worth paying for!

Dude, the co-op is where it's at in Gears. go getchoself a gold subscription.

It looks like you're on there! Sweet, it'd be cool to play with someone I sorta kinda know. How much is it a year? Like 50 bucks?

I was at the store the other day, and I saw it for like 80 dollars, but it might have came with more stuff. I don't know.

I think the basic gold card you can buy at retail stores is about $50 US. Malon must have been looking at one of the bundle packs that comes with the camera, a few arcade games, a headset, etc...

So the better Value would be the $80 one? I mean if comes with a 360 camera or something. I might pick up a Gold Membership soon I dunno. Might just wait and see what Nintendo is doing for Online Play(It's free and I am cheap..) And PBR is going to have sweet online just think Owning people online on Pokemon on the Wii! I tend to stay away from Online shooting games I get owned all the time...But I am very good at Online Racers and RPG type games. But yes GoW is an amazing 360 title. My vote for the best 360 game so far for sure. 14thpatriot what version of GoW did you get?

It's hard for me as a fan to say, but I guess if you like online play you'll have to stick with Microsoft.
Nintendo's online play will be free, but of inferior quality.
I guess you won't have stuff like leaderboards and such.