(Japan) Club Nintendo Platinum Member Present 2006

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Nintendo of Japan announced the special present Club Nintendo Platinum members will receive.
Platinum members are members who have accumulated over 400 points between October 2005 and September 2006.

Last year's present was a TV remote control in the shape of a Wii remote.

This year one can choose between 2 presents:
1) A laser printed image of your Mii on a Wii remote battery cover. (for better comprehension, look at the pics. )

2) The Club Nintendo-exclusive DS game "Tingle's Balloon Fight".

I think I'm gonna go with the Mii thingy. I'm not really a fan of Balloon Fight and if I wanted Tingle's Balloon Fight... it's likely that I run into that in a game store in Japan.
My Mii on the battery cover of my Wii remote is cool I think.

What do you say?

I say take the game, if for no other reason than bragging rights. You'll never even see the Mii, it's on the back of the controller.

That's a point, too.
I'm still thinking about it.

At first I must email Nintendo I guess.
I have to ask them whether I can send them my Mii via a German Wii. Because if they have the same issues with the Wii as they have with the DS that's not good.
You know on the DS European/American players could not play with Japanese players.
If now Japanese consoles and European consoles can't be connected via a Wii code, well then I have to choose the game anyways.

Damn region incompatibilities.

BTW, Nintendo, I want both!
I got way over 400 points last year. *grumble*

Luke's words changed my mind. Thanks for that, Luke.

I chose the DS game. I guess for me as a collector that was the only choice. I'm pretty sure there will be some company offering printing your Mii to a battery flap for like 9.95. If that happens I'll buy it there.

Now I'll have to wait for "Tingle's Balloon Fight" until April. I hope not too many people chose it. The rarer the better.
I'd like to know how many units they'll produce...