Super Smash Bros. Brawl+Pokemon Battle Revolution NW06 Video

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Alright, two new Video's from Nintendo World 2006 in Japan. First

SSBB Video



Holy crap! Super Smash Bros Brawl looks awesome! I must try this game out, if I'm lucky I'll find some place to try it. Don't have enough money, and I don't think I'll purchase an entire Wii with the game, at least not just yet. All the SSB games has been successful to me.

As for the Pokémon game, I've actually never enjoyed those Pokémon Stadium games, so I'm pretty sure I can't stand this game either. I could manage the Game Boy versions, those were actually entertaining from my side. What's up with this Pokémon thing anyway, weren't it supposed to be a fad?

Greatest Fad ever!
Anywho, Pokemon Wii does look fricken sweet. I will be sure to check that one. I hate that I have to wait for Pokemon D&P for over a year...I could import it but I won't be able to understand what's going on, it wouldn't been in English. Pokemon with Wi-Fi = Win. Also, SSBB looks very good for what we have seen in the Video's. Those two games are enough reasons to get the Wii. (There are other reasons, but I don't see how you could pass those two games up). NES-RULE be sure to get the Wii and we could play Online for SSBB and the Pokemon Wii also. I am pretty good at Pokemon Games and the Smash Bros ones also. But play me Online with a FPS game and I will get OWN3D..

I'm not really into new consoles and games, but I've been thinking about buying the Wii, most definetly with SSBD. So it's not impossible to play me online in the (hopefully) near future.